Why Do I Love Drum Corps

I am in love with this quote from Home of the Gentry, by Ivan Turgenev…

“The sweet, passionate melody captivated his heart from the first note; it was full of radiance, full of the tender throbbing of inspiration and happiness and beauty, continually growing and melting away; it rumoured of everything on earth that is dear and secret and sacred to mankind; it breathed of immortal sadness and it departed from the earth to die in the heavens.” 

I think that pretty much sums up my love of music, probably more specifically my love for drum corps and marching band. Often I’m asked why drum corps? Why marching band? I love music passionately, but drum corps reaches a depth in me like no other music (except maybe classical) can. There are studies about how music and memories connect in our brains and I believe in my case those memories are of my dad who died when I was seven. He was a trumpeter and music teacher. Marched in high school and in the Marines. I have next to no memories of him, but hearing a trumpet can bring me to tears. So there it is; drum corps and marching band bring horns on a massive level.

And that my friends is why I love them.