Moody High School USBands in Round Rock

USBands Remo Series Finale Competition

I had to the pleasure of photographing the USBands Remo Series Finale competition in Round Rock on Saturday.  And so with that, the marching season is almost over.

Moody High School USBands in Round Rock

Moody High School was one of the bands competing at the USBands competition. The Class A band of less than 20, from Moody Texas lead by Drum Major Desiree Martinez played a show of Journey songs. Towards the end of the show, she turned towards the audience, and got them to clap along. The audience happily agreed. When she did this in the finals, it was one of my favorite moments of the day. The way audience (which I’m pretty sure included a band or two) responded with clapping and cheering, was, well it was awesome. With this in mind, see the last picture in this post that happened after the band finished their show. It’s a smile that says it all.

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