About Me

Welcome to iblogband!

A little about me:

I love music and photography.

Both my parents were music lovers. My mom played the piano, marimba, and accordion. My dad played multiple instruments but was known and remembered as a skilled trumpet player. He spent two years with the USMC Band. He then attended Biola University, where he met my mom. They both graduated with degrees in education, my dad eventually becoming a music teacher.

My parents were killed in a plane crash when I was seven. The world lost two wonderful people, while Heaven gained two gifted musicians. Memories of my parents are few, but music makes connections in our brains, and one thing I remember about my dad was his trumpet playing. To this day I can not hear a trumpet solo without thinking of him.  I know that my love of marching band and drum corps was born with my dad.

Most days in high school you could find me in the band room. While I didn’t play a marching instrument, I did twirl the baton. Those memories of school are the sweetest, leading to lifelong friendships. I used a Kodak Pocket Camera until I bought my first 35mm camera in 1981. 

In 2007 my love of photography and marching band met. I became a band parent. The picture taking of my step daughter’s marching band began. By the time she graduated high school, I had taken hundreds of pictures of the band. Around the same time, social media sites became popular, giving me a platform to share the pictures. The year after she graduated from high school, I was the band booster “official” marching band photographer. I can’t tell you how many band kids I’ve watched grow up.

My love of photography isn’t limited to the marching arts. In the offseason, I enjoy being part of volunteer photo crews for local events, including SXSW (2012-2016), SXSW Eco (2012-2016), and PASIC (2012, 2015). I am a photographer and writer for Drum Corps World Magazine. And a Victim Services Advocate with the Cedar Park Police Department.