Photo Usage

A lot of time, love, and attention go into my pictures and this website.

I come home from an event with 3000+ pictures. (By the end of the marching season I will have shot over 9 events.) Each week after a contest, I sort the pictures and narrow that 3000 down to 600 or so that I want to work with. This year, unlike years past, I am not uploading pictures in mass quantity. I don’t feel like the pictures get the attention I want to give them when I’m rushing to put them online.

However, occasional print sales and other side projects are how I support this website.  But since I’m not uploading in mass quantity, if you see a picture and want to order a print, please use the contact form and send me a message.

I am not free to sell pictures from BOA events and UIL State, where I am a photographer for

Speaking of personal use. The photos on this website are here to be shared. Feel free to post them on Instagram or Tumblr. Pin them on Pinterest. Or you use them on your band website or Facebook page.

If you do post them somewhere, I would love if you could include a link to this website. It’s fun to follow where your work goes.

Last thing. Please don’t crop off my watermark. Cropping my watermark off is like cropping an artist’s signature off of a painting.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you! -Rebecca